Join Judy from Tin Roof Fibre Studio for a fun day of learning the ins and outs of making "Art Yarn". 

Art Yarn Spinning/Batt Making with Judy Sysak • Friday June 28

  • Join Judy of Tin Roof Fibre Studio for a day of fun while she teaches you all the ins and outs of creating a beautiful textured "art yarn". In the morning we will learn the basics of prepping fibre to make art yarn with batt making on a drumcarder. Then we will go over the basics of creating thick and thin yarn, plying to make coils, as well as learning to take those shiny beautiful locks we all love and spin them into beautiful lockspun yarn.  You will need to be able to spin a single on a spinning wheel - and you will also need to bring a spinning wheel with a large orifice (or an art yarn head) and bring a drumcarder if you have one - or can rent from your guild or a fibre friend!  Otherwise we will have a few here for you to make a batt on.  All fibre for a 4 ounce batt is included in the price, as well as afternoon lattes to keep the creative energy flowing! 


Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Priddis, Alberta,  Tin Roof Fibre Studio is the working studio space for fibre artist, Judy Sysak. This is where she processes raw sheeps fleece by hand, kettle dyes the fibre, spins it into yarn, and weaves it into cloth on her SAORI loom.


Judy also offers classes/weekend workshops in dyeing at the studio and also invites guest instructors to come and teach throughout the year, such as Terri Bibby of Salt Spring Island SAORI, Lisa Schwartz of Whimsical Fibre Designs and Kathy Sosnowski for spinning classes. Please visit the  "Workshops" page to see the studios' current workshop offerings.  


Judy also offers her textiles for sale.  Please visit the "Online Shop" page to see what is currently available for purchase from Judy Sysak Textiles.

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